Frequently asked questions


what are the membership requirements for mswa?

Membership requirements include the following: completion of the MSWA application, paying applicable member fees, participating in three meetings (one per semester), and participating in three events (one per semester).

How many semesters do i need to participate in mswa to receive a cord at graduation?

Three semesters, and they do not need to be consecutive.

how do the membership fees work?

There are two options for membership fees. You may pay $15/semester for every semester that you participate in MSWA (min. three semester requirement) OR you may pay a one-time lifetime fee of $50.

how can i pay for member fees?

Payment can be made in person at an MSWA meeting with cash or card OR you can pay online here:

How long are mswa meetings and where do they take place?

Meetings last roughly 20 minutes and are held at both the Fullerton and Irvine campuses. Members are welcome to attend meetings at either campus.

are there any make up opportunities for mswa meetings?

There are no make up opportunities for MSWA meetings. Please plan accordingly.

what if i apply to mswa and i don’t get in?

This is not possible. As long as you complete the application and pay the necessary fees, you will be accepted into MSWA.

Where can i track my mswa progress?

Progress is tracked at the link below. Please make sure you are logged into your CSUF email account prior to proceeding to the link.

the link above says that i did not complete an event/meeting/fee when i know that i did. what do i do?

If you are a Fullerton student, please contact the MSWA Fullerton Vice President, Elizabeth Grant, at If you are an Irvine student, please contact the MSWA Irvine Vice President, Mary Jenkins, at

i would like to run for a board position next year. how would i go about that?

Applications for board positions will be made available in the Spring semester. However, if you want to learn more about each board position or would like to express your interest in applying for a position, please contact the MSWA President, Hannah Dea, at

i have concerns regarding my mswa mentee/mEntor. what should i do?

Please contact the MSWA Secretary, Kyleigh Cummings, at